Build a BootstrapSolar Kit To Charge Your iPad – An Approved Kickstarter Project

It took the Kickstarter community just 3 days 15 hours and 5 minutes to pledge the initial $7500 needed to fund Ryo Chijiiwa’s BootstrapSolar Portable Power Pack Kit. This kit isn’t just another iPad accessory. The end user gets to build the BootstrapSolar himself. According to Chijiiwa, he designed the kit to be “affordable, practical, open, and hackable” and not too hard to put together either.

The kits are designed so batteries can be changed or the entire kit can be upgraded to meet the user’s specific needs. Hint: iPad users should plan to attach the solar panel to get completely charge their device.

Each kit contains:

  • 5W monocrystalline solar panel (optionally 10W), with a compact stand
  • 6Ah/22Wh Lithium Polymer internal battery. That’s enough capacity to recharge an iPhone 4-5 times, and recharge an iPad about 70%.
  • Two USB ports with up to 1.5A output (one port configured for Apple devices, with output up to 1000mA).
  • Charge controller circuit that can charge the internal battery in as little as 6 hours, *while* also charging an external device, all from clean solar energy!
  • Bamboo enclosure — more sustainable than plastic!
  • Easy assembly (no soldering, just some gluing and screwing… with screws.)
  • Open Source and hackable circuits have extra pads for soldering on your own wires/connectors.

Although several of the pledge levels have already sold out, it’s not too late to pick up the Solar Hacker edition of the kit for a pledge of $80 or the Solar Power Pack kit for a pledge of $115.

Interested backers need to pledge before Tuesday October 18, 2011, when the funding period closes.

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