Veggie Samurai Goes Free for A Limited Time

The popular swipe-to-slice game Veggie Samurai is on sale for free for a limited time. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, grab it for free in the App Store.

This casual game is great fun for everyone. You don’t have to think about what you are doing, just swipe at the veggies. Fans of Fruit Ninja will be experts at this vegetable-based game. The action is the same. Veggies fly through the air and your job is to chop them in half, or even dice them with multiple swipes. The more you chop with one blow, the higher your point score.

There are seven different game modes. Samurai Mode offers three lives and no time limit. You must avoid cutting the bottle of poison while chopping the veggies. Hardcore Mode only gives you one chance to get it right. If you drop a veggie or cut the poison, your game is over. Harmony Mode is time based. You have two minutes to chop as much as you can. You gain extra points for combo cuts. Chaos Mode is like Samurai Mode, but faster. For Sort Mode, you only cut the veggies that don’t belong in the cart that will go to market. In Match Mode, you must swipe three matching bell peppers to get points. If you need your swiping practice, take all the time you need in Training Mode. No time limit, no lives, just a swiping good time.

What I liked: I love how easy this game is to play. The replay value is through the roof. The more you play, the better you get.

What I didn’t like: Nothing. It’s great!

To buy or not to buy: At the regular price of $2.99, I’d say yes. At the sale price of free, I’d say you’re crazy not to.

  • App Name: Veggie Samurai HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.4
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: QuantumSquid Interactive
  • Price: Regularly $2.99, free for a limited time

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