Consumers Want a Windows-Based Tablet?

According to a survey from the Boston Consulting Group, U.S. consumers would prefer to have a tablet with the Windows operating system.

The survey, as reported by AllThingsD indicated that 42 percent of U.S. consumers would like to buy tablets that run Windows compared to only 27 percent that prefer Apple’s mobile operating system. The survey also reported that Android was only liked by 20 percent of consumers.

Call me an Apple acolyte, but this survey seems slightly askew. Consumers were asked if they would prefer to run “Windows” on their tablet as compared to iOS (a mobile operating system) and Android (also a mobile operating system). Well, considering the majority of desktop and laptop computer users in the U.S. do so on a PC, not a Mac, it stands to reason that they would feel more comfortable using an operating system that they are familiar with. Comparing PC OSes to tablet OSes is an apples to oranges assessment. For a more accurate survey, Boston Consulting Group should have clarified mobile operating systems to its survey subjects. This might produce a different outcome.

According to AllThingsD, a survey conducted by Forrester produced similar results. Again, the question appeared to be posed as “Windows” versus other mobile operating systems. The Forrester survey indicated that 9 percent of consumers preferred Android, 16 percent were for iOS and 46 percent liked Windows for their tablet operating system.

Microsoft has dominated the computer operating system market for as long as PCs have been in homes. The brand is synonymous with computers. It stands to reason that consumers would be more comfortable with a Windows-based operating system. That being said, it certainly doesn’t mean everyone would go out and buy a Windows tablet instead of an iPad– something Microsoft hopes to change with the tablet-optimized version of its upcoming operating system, Windows 8.

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  • Willhh3

    I don’t know about everyone else.  But, what I want is my iPad to run MS Office!

  • Sarah Parker

    the important thing to consider when reading about surveys, is thinking about how many people were actually questioned…most likely not representative at all! perhaps even more important is the fact that if you own a tablet computer you will end up spending much more money online….

  • Harvey Lubin

    This must explain why so many Windows Tablet PCs have sold in the past 10 years… NOT!


  • Anonymous

    Most people just want Windows not to suck on a tablet so they don’t have to learn something new. Having seen Windows 8 and how different it is, that seems naive.

    Nevertheless, Microsoft has all the brains and IP to make Windows 8 very very popular.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Microsoft has a captive audience and nothing more. It’s really millions of Windows hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Winski

    NOT probable….