Apple Complies with EU Regulation… Technically

While most phone makers have already complied with the European Union mandate to standardize phone chargers, Apple is only now offering their “solution”. The company plans to sell adapters for their devices, which currently feature a unique 30 pin design. The adapters will allow third-party micro USB cords to effectively charge your iPad or iPhone.

The sale of these adapters is enough to comply with the mandate, even though they will not be included in future sales of Apple products and will not be necessary when using Apple’s own charge cord. At only 8£ (about $13 US) the adapter doesn’t seem like much of a financial strain on consumers who may need one and when you really think about it, they don’t really change much.

It is no secret that when it comes to their designs and patents, Apple is uncompromising. Rightfully so, because their innovations have revolutionized technology and will not slow down any time soon. But why would Apple agree to a common charging/syncing cord when it has no plans to change the devices to comply?

For once, one of the “big bad corporations” is protecting their consumers rather than exploiting them. If Apple doesn’t change its devices then those costs will not be passed to consumers. No new cords to buy, no new adapters; everything stays the same. It’s hard to imagine that people don’t understand why we all love Apple so much!

The hundreds of different docking solutions will remain compatible with the wildly popular iPhone and iPad, despite the fact that Apple would stand to gain financially from consumers buying new docks for a new device.

So, while the adapters do satisfy the requirement for charging solutions in the Euro-zone to be consolidated to micro USB format, they also maintain the uniqueness that we expect from Apple products. Once again Apple will stand on its own, leaving everyone else grouped together in the second tier.

About Colin: A recent college grad and iPad aficionado.

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