Peekaboo Barn Debuts on iPad, Update Brings Personalization and Language Option

A child’s voice greets the user upon opening Peekaboo Barn for iPad. It’s a small touch that is sure to catch children’s attention immediately. The first iteration of this simple game of hide-and-seek in the barnyard, for iPhone only, was well-received by children and parents alike. The newest update created a native version for the iPad that runs in HD.

Additionally, users can now add their own narration to the app.  So whether parent, child, or a visiting grandparent speaks the animal’s names, hearing a familiar voice come out of the barn will surprise and delight the app’s little users. Users can also purchase Asian or European language packs in-app to broaden their child’s knowledge.

The concept behind Peekaboo Barn is so simple, yet the app’s design will build excitement in young users as kids wait to see what is behind the door. The barn shakes until the user taps it, revealing an animal. Tap the screen again, and doors close. Now a new animal is hiding. (The sheep is the cutest!) Listen carefully before tapping the barn because there are sound clues as to what is inside.


As soon as the user has cycled through all 13 of the animals, the barn doors open to reveal everybody. Then night falls, and the barn doors open one last time to reveal sweet, slumbering animals who are not to be disturbed. The animals are presented in a different order each time the user opens the application.

To edit the recording settings choose “Recording & Languages” from the Options menu. Users may select an adult narrator reading in English or Spanish as a standard option to substitute for the child narrator, which is the default setting.

Choose “Record New Language” and the app walks the user through its speaking parts. It offers a 3 second warning before the recording starts. Users may re-record each part as many times as necessary. Users can even have a little fun by customizing the animals in any manner the user wishes. Cow can become “moo cow” or “Holstein.”


Peekaboo Barn for iPad is available to download in the App store for $1.99. There are two additional language packs Asian languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese) or European languages (Swedish, Dutch, Italian, German, and French), which are available for in-app for $0.99 each.

What I liked: Users can record and save multiple versions of the narration. The theme to “Old MacDonald” plays as the app opens, setting the tone matched by the app’s colorful, bold artwork.

What I didn’t like: Once you are playing peekaboo in the barn there is no way to go back to the main menu without closing the app completely.

To buy or not to buy: Peekaboo Barn for iPad blends educational elements with the surprise of a jack-in-the-box. Children will be unable to resist seeing what is going to be inside the barn next, and parents will undoubtedly enjoy watching their wee ones squeal with joy each time the doors open to reveal a new animal.

  • App Name: Peekaboo Barn for iPad
  • Version Reviewed: 4.0.0
  • Category: Education
  • Developer: Night & Day Studios
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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