In Case You Forgot: iOS 5 Features Old and New

The features of the upcoming (Oct. 12 officially) operating system for Apple devices have been floating around the internet for some time  having been announced at Apple’s WWDC back in June. These very exciting updates were re-announced at Apple’s iPhone event today and even included a couple of new surprises.

So what will change on October 12th? New apps, better camera functionality, Twitter integration, and oh yeah that whole iCloud thing.

There are so many improvements to the already great operating system running on Apple’s industry changing devices I can hardly contain myself. In addition to the features we’re already aware of, there was a new app announced at the event.

The Find My Friends app, new in iOS 5, will allow users to share their locations with designated friends. This has the potential to be helpful for parents tracking kids or someone giving driving directions real-time. Another new announcement is the start date for Cards, which will be available the same day as iOS 5 (Oct. 12).

I’m sure that many of you reading this have more than one Apple device but even if you don’t, iCloud is something to be excited about. All of your media, that is music, pictures, videos, and even offline websites, will be synchronized between your devices to create an interconnected Apple experience.

Another app making use of iCloud style mechanics is iMessage; a free messaging service between iOS users. The messages will be sent to all of your devices, so you will be able to read one on your iPad and then reply from your iPhone (4S!).

The feature I’m most excited about is Twitter integration, which I’ve been waiting for. Many of my friends use Twitter non-stop and I find it to be quite a hassle to switch between Safari and Twitter apps to communicate. Now, users can tweet from within several of the built in apps.

Camera apps have been popular for some time, but starting next Wednesday they may start to decline. The built in Camera app will be receiving some serious help with the addition of grid lines, pinch to zoom, and finally being able to shoot from the lock screen.

Here are some of the other notable features coming soon:

  • Reminders- Includes location-based reminders
  • Newsstand- Apple has stopped threatening magazines and started partnering with them
  • Notification Center- More notifications will be visible from the lock screen
  • Safari- Tabbed browsing, reading list, and reader mode
  • Multi Touch gestures- Using more fingers to navigate faster
  • Siri – Personal Assistant

Which are you looking forward to most?

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About Colin: A recent college grad and iPad aficionado.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to iTunes Match. I know it is 25 bucks per year, but at that price, you can listened to your entire iTunes library from any device, plus stream (and download) better quality songs than you may already have in your collection. That is worth it for me.