Official Atari iPad Joystick for Greatest Hits App Now Available

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Atari was collaborating with Discovery Bay Games to create an official joystick called the Atari Arcade Duo Powered joystick, specifically designed to work with Atari’s Greatest Hits app, as well as upcoming Atari games.

While no official release date was given at the time, the device finally launched today, and can be purchased from Discovery Bay Games‘ website, for about $60.

To use this new joystick, simply slide your iPad in the Atari Arcade Duo, download Atari’s Greatest Hits app, and you are ready to share the fun with family and friends anywhere! While we initially speculated that this new toy would offer both landscape and portrait modes, something that its competitor, the iCade does not offer, it turns out that the joystick uses the iPad data connector to connect to the device– in other words, the joystick does not use Bluetooth, and can only be used in portrait mode, just like the iCade, as well as most retro Atari games.

If you are a retro gamer and are looking for something cheaper and less cumbersome that the iCade, the new Atari joystick should fit the bill. For now, it is only compatible with Atari’s Greatest Hits, a free download that includes Missile Command. There are also a wide variety of in-app purchases that allow you to download as many as 100 games in all, ranging from classic arcade games to Atari 2600 console favorites.

Alternatively, the Atari Arcade is also available at Target as well the Apple Store, and will hit the shelves of Toys R Us early next month.

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