Charge and Store Multiple iPads with the Griffin MultiDock

Griffin MultiDock

As more businesses adopt iPads as sales and productivity tools, the need for a way to charge multiple devices at once is becoming more important. Griffin has solved this problem with their new MultiDock.

By hooking up a single computer (running Macintosh OS X v10.5.8 or later) you can sync all of your apps and media while charging up to 10 iPads at once, all while they remain in their cases. If you need to charge more than 10 devices, you can handily daisy chain up to 3 MultiDocks using the same source computer.

LEDs for each iPad show the charging status with the charge bays powering off once each iPad is ready to go!

If your organization uses a mix of iPad, iPhone and iPod devices that isn’t a problem either. The MultiDock can charge and sync them all in the same manner.

With a MSRP of $699 it may not be affordable for most home environments, but I wish it was! In my house we have several iPads and iPhones and it would sure be handy to have them charging and stored in a central location. This is especially attractive because the MultiDock only takes up slightly more space than a sheet of copy paper and only 20″ tall. The entire unit comes with a UL listed power supply and only weighs 18.6lbs, making it perfect for sitting on a desk or counter-top and using anywhere you need it.

Griffin offers a wide variety of accessories that can be used in cooperation with your MultiDock, including a laptop riser that tilts your laptop as it sits on top of the unit for easier use.

To purchase this unit, contact Griffin and they will put you in touch with a salesperson who can help you.

Griffin Technology has been responsible for innovative technical solutions since 1992, having grown to be one of the largest providers of accessories used by consumers worldwide with their personal computers and digital devices.

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