Muzine Creates Personalized Music Mag for iPad – iPad App Review

Rejoice, music devotees of the iPad world, for there is no longer a need to try to read every blog or publication in existence. Muzine for iPad streamlines music news into two broad categories: Features and My News, which allows the user to follow keep current with all the top entertainment news, while ensuring he doesn’t miss anything important about his favorite bands.

The app also offers a customizable Artist section, a Friends section, as well as the ability to automatically add in artists of interest from the music stored on the user’s iPad.

From contemporary acts like Rihanna and John Legend to classic rocker Mick Jagger or enduring legends Nirvana, the feature section included a wide range of musical styles. Reading Muzine’s features regularly will ensure the user is au courant on the the latest in oddball collaborations (Lou Reed and Metallica) and oddballs collaborating (Devo and Yo Gabba Gabba). Plus, as one scrolls down, the features kept refreshing, creating a seemingly endless stream of content to read.

The brilliant bit about Muzine, however, is that it doesn’t limit the user to its featured content – the app fetches news about any artist you like.
There are more than 2 million artists in Muzine’s database from superstars such as Arcade Fire to the rising duo Zambri, so the application has nearly every artist a music fanatic could hope for. When I tried to play “stump the app,” I succeeded only when I searched for The Very Best a duo whose moniker confounds search engines thanks to its lack of specificity.

Users can stream songs or video from inside the app. I flitted from Stereogum to Prefix to Filter, popping back and forth between various Soundcloud pages without a hitch. The app is, however, only as good as its source material, so if a web site still links to a dead stream, so will Muzine.

Muzine draws from such a wide variety of media sources that I discovered new sites like Popdose, and visited old favorites such as the AV Club. It’s possible to move around within a site without leaving Muzine, or open any site on the web.

Although the vast majority of Muzine’s stories were from the last six weeks, the app also reached back several years to find news for some less newsworthy artists, so be sure to check the date on a piece before assuming that it’s truly new.
Individual articles can be added to favorites, or shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Users can import artists directly from the music stored in your iPad. Simply choose “edit artists” to select which artists are considered “favorites.” Artists must be favorites for users to access biographical information, photos, videos, tour dates, and a list of similar artists. All artist read in to the app through iTunes will show up in the users newsfeed. Artists can also be added through a manual search then selecting the “show in my newsfeed” button.

Muzine is available for download in the App Store for the introductory price of $0.99.

What I liked: The app boasts a clean design that is easy to read. I love that it remembers the tracks I streamed yesterday, and I can still access the same songs today without revisiting the articles!

What I didn’t like: Occasionally there was an in-app glitch and the wrong article would open. Usually, however, the right article could be accessed on the second try.

To buy or not to buy: Muzine is a boon to music fans who want to keep abreast of breaking news stories and follow their favorite artists as well.

  • App Name: Muzine for iPad
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: News
  • Developer: CannellaCo LLC
  • Price: Introductory $0.99, Final $1.99
  • Score:

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