VMware Pushes iPad Further into Enterprise Market

VMware, a company that specializes in virtualization software and infrastructure, has just released two new apps designed for enterprise communication and collaboration.

The apps, from SlideRocket and Socialcast, will enable businesses to create a more productive and connected enterprise by providing a secure way for business users to connect to applications and share information with co-workers.

Companies like VMware, and competitor Parallels, provide new ways to work and connect on the go in a post-PC era, as organizations continue to embrace the iPad and the iPhone as essential business tools. It’s no longer necessary to be tethered to a desk within a company to work and communicate.

The SlideRocket app, SlideRocket Player, which is available for free, promises to allow users to take powerpoint presentations (and other formats) completely mobile. The app provides enhanced graphical capabilities, analytics and viewing patterns, real-time feedback, and social media integration to engage audiences and encourage participation.

Users of the SlideRocket Player can easily share presentations with other iPad owners, regardless of location. A presentation can be viewed and shared, from anywhere, by clicking a simple link.

Socialcast for the iPad is a tool that allows Socialcast community members to communicate with one another while on the road. Employees can use the app to collaborate with their co-workers while at home in their pajamas, on a business trip, or at the dentist’s office. Users are able to post updates, share files, and connect to work projects. Socialcast supports secure login using OAuth 2.0, ensuring the security of personal information.

The SlideRocket Player is currently available for download in the App Store, and Socialcast for the iPad is scheduled for release within the next few weeks. For more information about Socialcast, visit the website.

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  • Thecoconut

    iPad could go really far into the enterprise if they would get rid of the iTunes requirement and create a way for enterprises to manage these devices.