Skype for iOS Updated

Back in August we were all overjoyed when Skype’s long anticipated iPad app arrived in the App Store, and after a small snafu where the iPad app was pulled because of technical difficulties, it was reinstated and has been in use by Skypers ever since.

Reviews have been mixed about both the iPhone and iPad versions of Skype, with users citing concerns about the layout, battery consumption, and app crashes. While this update doesn’t exactly address those issues, it does add some great features that should improve the user experience.

Today’s update brought anti-shake capabilities to the iPhone when using video chat and the rear camera, adding stability when you’re displaying your surroundings to friends and family. Skype’s iPhone app also received an important security fix, which should solve issues that users have had with security.

The update also added Bluetooth support, which is a feature that the Skype apps have been sorely lacking. Bluetooth-enabled headsets can now be used to make hands-free calls with Skype, allowing you easier access to the app when driving, in conference calls, and so much more.

Unfortunately, this new update also added advertising to the app. Only paying Skype consumers or those with Skype Credit are free from the ads. Hopefully future updates are in the works to address concerns with the app now that it’s generating significantly more money.

Skype for the iPhone and Skype for the iPad are both available for free in the App Store.


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  • Anonymous

    Omfg all i have to Skype is “Fck You” they blocked any user who has a jailbroken device after that update. Any device which is jailbroken cant use Skype App no more. Yes i emailed them and this is what they said:
    Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Service.
    We understand that your Skype account is blocked and the Skype application is not working properly on your iPad 2. Please allow us to assist you further.
    We would like to assure you that your Skype account is not restricted.
    You will still be able to use it on any other device, however; since your iPad 2 has been jail broken, you will not be able to use Skype on it.
    We apologize for this inconvenience.
    Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again.
    Best Regards,

    Ivan C.
    Skype Customer Service

  • Zippy Pinhead

    Agree. FU Skype. Why the hell do you CARE if my phone is jailbroken? I pay you to use Skype. Why oh why would you want to restrict me from doing that in any way?