Australian Judge Considers Temporary Injunction Against Samsung

At a hearing in Australia on Monday,  a judge considered granting a “brief” injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in order to give her more time to consider arguments from both parties, even though the company has agreed to delay sales in the county pending the Court’s decision.

A Lawyer for Samsung stated that a temporary injunction would be taking things too far since the dispute may not be resolved until “well into next year,” but an attorney for Apple claimed that the company would be ready to go to trial next week if expedited proceedings were to take place. The judge in this case recommended that both parties expedite their patent infringement trial to resolve the problem.

There are three touchscreen-related patents at issue including a method for vertical scrolling and a way for devices to ignore accidental touch. Samsung’s lawyer claims that Apple is “worried because former’s device is thinner.

According to Gigaom, Apple feels it will have the upper hand if the judge grants the temporary injunction and the trial is expedited, while Samsung appears to be reluctant to both options.

The hearing to determine whether or not the Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be banned until the infringement dispute is resolved is scheduled to end on Thursday.

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