LilyPad Solar Powered iPad Case – An Approved Kickstarter Project

The LilyPad is an iPad case that includes a solar charger can harness the power of indoor or outdoor light to extend the charge a user’s device.

It’s worth noting that the LilyPad doesn’t completely eliminate the need for traditional plug in wall charging. However, the creators estimate the average user will only need to charge their device via an electric socket once every 12 1/2 days while using the LilyPad.

While the LilyPad’s solar ink technology is certainly what sets this accessory apart from the vast array of other iPad cases, it includes several other useful features. The LilyPad case includes an HDMI output which streamlines linking one’s iPad to a projector or television.

The case also includes a back-up battery which features a USB Power port, so the case can double as a charger. The LilyPad can juice up a dead cell phone when there’s no electricity, which is a problem nearly all mobile phone owners face at some point.

The LilyPad’s attractive stainless steel case offers two viewing positions which prop the tablet at about the same angles as Apple’s Smart Cover. The iPad 2 case comes in a choice of four colors and includes a stylus, which can be stored inside the case.

LilyPad’s creators received Apple certification for their product, which offers end users confidence that the product will work safely with their beloved tablets.

Backers who want to support LilyPad still have the opportunity to pledge. A $165 pledge of support will ensure you are one of the first to own this eco-conscious iPad accessory.

Project supporters have until Sunday October 2, 2011 to order a LilyPad through Kickstarter.

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