InterContinental Kitchen Cookbook Brings the World to Your Table – iPad App Review

World travelers and culinary enthusiasts will both embrace the InterContinental Kitchen Cookbook, a free cooking app created by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

Each of Intercontinental’s Hotels contributed one or two recipes for the app. It is possible to browse through the recipes by location, by recipe type, or to choose “inspire me” and let the app suggest a recipe for the user.

Each recipe also includes information the hotel that submitted it, as well as a link to the chain’s Concierge Insider Guide. While the ICK cookbook was certainly created as a marketing tool for hotel chain, it is not so devoid of content as to offer nothing for the user but a thinly veiled advertisement.

It is not, however, a full-fledged interactive cookbook created by the chefs whose pictures grace its screen. Rather, the app is more like a travel brochure that happens to include an uncommon mix of recipes which were assembled into a slick UI.

Notably, the app includes an interactive globe that allows the user to spin the earth and select recipes based on their location. Globetrotting in search of a recipe was more fun than skimming through an index.

Although the interface is set up to make cooking easy, the recipes are not user-friendly. Many recipes are both relatively difficult to prepare and frequently call for exotic ingredients that most home chefs can’t just run out and grab at the supermarket.

Additionally, all of the steps were not always written out completely. For example, the Meat Turnovers are stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, yet there is never an explicit instruction to boil eggs. Instead the ingredients list four eggs as a requirement, then the cook is told to add the chopped hard-boiled to the filling. These type of oversights show that the recipes were not created with the end-user in mind.

There were some parts of the recipe section that were well-executed. Each recipe includes the number of servings, as well as an estimated prep time and cook time. It is also possible to add any of the ingredients to a shopping list from inside the app, or to set a timer at any step within the recipe. However, none of these niceties will help a cook who can neither gather the proper ingredients nor follow the recipe.

The InterContinental Kitchen Cookbook is available to download from the App store for free.

What I liked: The app offers a wide variety of recipes which are not generally found in most other cooking apps or even most cookbooks.

What I didn’t like: The vast majority of the app’s recipes would not be practical for the home cook to make.

To buy or not to buy: InterContinental Kitchen Cookbook is free to download, and it offers a glimpse into the world of fine dining as it varies across six different continents. While this is not the app to open if you want to get dinner on the table, it was entertaining.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite