Gmail Webapp for iOS and Android Now Features Multiple Sign-In and Preferences

Late yesterday, the Gmail for mobile team announced an update to Gmail’s Webapp that allows you to access your email while on-the-go from the browser of your mobile device.

When accessing Gmail from your mobile browser, you will now be able to sign into multiple accounts, create a mobile specific signature,  and add an out-of-office auto-responder to your account.

The browser now functions like the desktop version of Gmail. Signing into multiple accounts simultaneously is simple – just tap on the account switcher at the bottom of your browser window, then tap “Sign into another account.” After you’ve signed into multiple accounts, switching between them is quick and easy using the menu at the bottom.

Of course, if you don’t already have multiple accounts enabled, you will need to enable it first by visiting your account settings and selecting the box that allows you to access multiple Google accounts in the same browser.

Google has updated URLs so that each of your email accounts can use a separate bookmark, so if you’ve previously bookmarked Gmail, you may want to update it.

There is also a new option to create a separate signature for your mobile device to let people know that any typos, accidental autocorrections, and grammar errors are the result of typing on your phone. You can create a mobile signature by tapping on the new settings icon, choosing a signature, and activating it. Disabling your mobile signature is equally simple, navigate back to the menu and uncheck the box to resume using your default desktop signature.

A new vacation auto-responder will allow you to set up an out-of-office reply from your mobile device in the same options menu as the signature. Just choose a start date, and end date, a message, and you’re good to go.

To check out Google’s new Gmail features, head over to on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. For more information on the new features, take a look at Google’s Blog.

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