Publish iBooks With Book Creator for iPad – iPad App Review

Book Creator offers users something previously unavailable: the chance to create books which can be submitted and then read using Apple’s iBooks.

Anyone who has worked with basic photo editing software will be comfortable with Book Creator’s UI. The app allows the user to add photos, text, and to change the background color on each page of the book.

Begin by taking the app’s tutorial, which is cleverly designed as a book. This short introduction to Book Creator allows the user to edit within the tutorial itself, so it’s easy become familiar with the application’s interface.

Add text by selecting the box marked with the upper and lowercase “T” in the upper right hand corner. After text is added the font, text size and color of the text can be changed. The background color can be changed in a similar manner. The app remembers both the last text setting and the last several colors used, which is helpful for maintaining uniformity throughout the book.

The app recommends transferring images to the iPad through iTunes or Dropbox, but any Wi-Fi photo transfer program, such as PhotoSync also works well.

Once created a book can be duplicated, emailed, or deleted. The app follows iBooks’ fixed layout format, so images can fill entire double page spreads. The application’s creators also adhere to the international ePub standards, a format which should help ensure Book Creator projects will be readable in the future.

Hint: iBooks do not have a built in end point, so it’s up to the user to build a clear ending, such as inserting a text box stating “The End.” When working in Book Creator it is always possible to add additional pages to a book at any time. You cannot tell the app that the book is finished. However, when the book is opened in iBooks it will appear finished, although there will always be two blank sheets at the very end.

To view the created book in iBooks is simply to choose “open in iBooks” from the menu in the upper left. It looks just like other iBook!

Book Creator is available to download from the App store for $6.99.

What I liked: Book Creator was very easy to learn. Getting a book into iBooks was also simple.

What I didn’t like: Resizing text and photos was a bit clunky because the app will only edit whatever is highlighted, so it was easy to accidentally select a photo when trying to edit text or vice versa. The controls to manipulate text size, photo size, and color are all controlled through the touch screen, so it is sometimes difficult to achieve precise control over the page layout.

To buy or not to buy: It was simple and very fun to create a book that could be read in iBooks. The thrill of having ones own books appear on the virtual bookshelf outweighed any down sides to using the application.

  • App Name: Book Creator
  • Version Reviewed: 1.5
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Red Jumper Studio
  • Price: $6.99
  • Score:

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • Anonymous

    Even more useful would be a Mac version of book Creator that could sync with the iPad version.

    • David Mayotte

      I agree. I would like to generate a book on a Mac but be able to distribute it and maybe sell it on to the ipad world. I am not sure how the sell part works. Is there a way of distributing it (even if I have to give 30% to apple).

  • Dan Amos

    Support for audio and video is coming soon to Book Creator. 
    Dan Amos – Developer of Book Creator

    • Jack Fancy

      Audio hotspots update came and finally Video!!!! Love it!
      Now, I’m just waiting for .png/transparent background support!

      I’ve made so many books now with my Chinese students…
      They love it!

  • Jack Fancy

    I love this app!  I’ve been using it in my ESL classes.  I start a story, utilizing pictures and sounds and then let my students finish the story; each student gets their own page.  I take a picture of the student, type in what they want to say and then record them reading it.  Then, they will read the story again and again. 

    Can’t wait for the added option of video!  Oh, and I would love to be able to make a picture embedded with a sound without the speaker icon… here’s to wishing!

    Thanks for this wonderful tool!

  • dsienko

    Is it possible to import fonts and use Unicode?