The Human Project App Rewrites Expectations, First for Kickstarter Funding Then for Humanity

There’s nothing typical about the Human Project. It’s goal, as stated on Kickstarter, is lofty: start a conversation to determine “what do we as a human race need to accomplish in the 21st century.” Human Project Founders Erika Ilves and Anna Stillwell decided the best way to facilitate that conversation was by developing a free iPad app.

Ilves and Stillwell were amazed when they raised their initial Kickstarter goal of $25,000 in just five days. That’s right. The Kickstarter community ponied up thousands of dollars to ensure the Human Project App will be available to others for free in less than one week. (video from Kickstarter

What is it about Human Project App that has the Kickstarters so excited? This app thinks big. It covers the big dreams, big dreams, and hopefully some big solutions for our entire species.

It will feature:

  • A Human Story about who we are as a species and how we got from the Big Bang to this moment. It captures the broad outlines of evolving human knowledge.
  • A Human Manifesto that lays out the new, 21st century brand of human. A bigger identity. A bolder one.
  • Human Challenges—a definitive overview of all of the issues that threaten the survival and development of the species as a whole. Includes a review of other global lists from a species-wide perspective.
  • A Human Vision for 2050 – a bright snapshot of the future we should create given the nature of Human Challenges and the audacity of our imagination. Includes a review of other global visions from a species-wide perspective.
  • A 21st century Human Agenda to define our priorities and track our progress. The first species-wide agenda with an explicit rational.

Although the monies to cover creation of the iPad app are now in hand Ilves and Stillwell were buoyed by their initial success, so they established three new funding goals. If they raise  $50,000 they will release the app for iPhone, Android, and make the Human Project available to anyone with internet access. If the project reaches $75,000 in funding, it will expand to allow user participation, and if it reaches $100,000, the creators plan to create a documentary about the project which will be inspired by the Voyager Spacecraft’s Golden Record.

Interested parties can back the Human Project App with a minimum pledge of $10. Pledge $2500 and the creators will reward your generosity with a new, curated iPad2 loaded with The Human Project App, plus 10 additional apps, 20 Kindle books, and videos of their choosing.

The project funding period ends on September 28, 2011. There is still plenty of time left to contribute to one of the most unusual and ambitious iPad-related projects ever to launch via Kickstarter.

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