Line 6 Announces New Adapter that Lets you Plug your Guitar Right into your iPad

Line 6, makers of virtual multi-effects devices for electric guitars, has just announced the release of Mobile In, an adapter for the iPhone and iPad that will allow you to plug your axe directly into your iDevice and use their effects app, Mobile POD, to create the ultimate pedal board for all of your shredding desires.

In a press release, co-founder of Line 6 and SVP of New Business Development, Marcus Ryle stated, “Mobile In and Mobile POD turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functioning Line 6 POD multi-effect device complete with tweakable tones, simultaneous effects and legendary Line 6 guitar amp and effect modeling.”

According to the press release:

The new Mobile POD app brings famous Line 6 tone and technology to its most portable level. The free app includes generous collections of 64 models of celebrated modern, vintage and boutique guitar gear including amps, cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects. Users can mix and match the fully adjustable models to build a virtually unlimited variety of tones, which can then be saved as presets. Also included with the app, free of any in-app purchase, are over 10,000 hand-crafted presets created by artists, Line 6 and other guitar players.

The technology that sets this adapter apart from other instrument adapters is that it plugs into the iOS device’s 30-pin connector instead of the headphone jack. This allows for better tone, responsiveness and audio quality.

Mobile POD comes with 32 guitar amplifier sounds based on models such as the 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb and the 1995 Mesa Boogie Duel Rectifier. Plus, it comes with 16 guitar cabinet sounds, 16 stompbox and rack effect sounds, and over 10,000 presets for you to choose from. The app is free and will be available in the App Store this fall. Mobile In comes with a six-foot guitar cable and will be available for purchase from the company’s website this fall. Currently, there is no information regarding the price of the adapter.

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  • TabgripforIpad

    I just love the fact that the iPad is quite versatile in terms of its use. It can be for fun, learning and even music. Just for this app, it makes me want to learn guitar.

  • Claudiocebpaz

    Can It be use for bass guitar as well?