Samsung Files Patent Complaint Against Apple In France

On Monday, Samsung Electronics confirmed that it filed a complaint against Apple, Inc. in France for infringing on three of their patents. It looks like Samsung is trying a different approach.

Apple recently received an injunction against Samsung in Germany based on the physical attributes of the Galaxy Tablet 10.1. The latter is trying to gain support for the technical patents instead.

The Samsung complaint was filed in July, but is not expected to be heard until this coming December. The complaint is against Apple’s iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and both generations of the iPad.

The two technology companies have been battling it out in the patent courts since April of this year when Apple filed complaints against Samsung for copyright infringement of their smart phones and tablets. Samsung filed counter suits in the U.S., claiming that Apple infringed on 10 of their patents. Since then, both companies have filed complaints against each other in Europe, Australia and Asia as well.

[via: BGR, Yahoo! News]

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