XStylus Touch – An IndieGoGo Project for iPad

The XStylus Touch is a sleek, wide grip capacitive stylus which is compatible with the original iPad and the iPad 2. The stylus, which opens from a case that cleverly becomes its handle, is designed for comfort and convenience.

The wide grip promises to be more ergonomic, which should make the stylus easier to write or draw with for long periods of time. Each XStylus Touch also comes with a magnetic pen holder that attaches securely to the iPad itself or to a variety of cases.

Weighing in at 32 grams, the XStylus Touch weighs more than the average tablet styli. (It’s about three times as heavy as the rooCase stylus, for example). Many users may prefer the more substantial feel of the XStylus touch to a lighter weight styli, although this is certainly a personal preference.

But, as anyone who has used a stylus knows, it isn’t just supposed to just look snappy, and feel comfortable to hold, if it doesn’t write clearly and easily, then it will soon wind up gathering dust in a drawer. According to its designer, the XStylus will register pen strokes with the slightest pressure, which should lead to clean, clear drawing and writing.

There is still plenty of time to support the XStylus Touch project on IndieGoGo because it doesn’t end until mid-October, but this cleverly designed stylus is still far from its $50K funding goal. As with most crowdfunding efforts, if the project goal is not reached, the backers will not be charged.

Interested backers can pledge $15 at the “Early Adopter Level” to receive one XStylus Touch if the project is funded. International shipping is included, which is handy, since the project is based in Hong Kong.

There are other funding levels for backers who are interested in purchasing larger quantities of the stylus.

Although IndieGoGo was originally created to help fund independent films, this crowdfunding website now covers a wide range of projects, including iPad accessories and even the occasional iOS app.

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