LG Solves iPad 2 Backlighting Issue, Ramps Up Production

If you bought an iPad 2 in the first few months of release, you likely noticed a problem with the backlight bleeding into the screen, which is a problem that nearly all iPad 2s suffered from.

When watching a movie, TV show, or reading in the dark, iPad 2s showed significant light bleed from the sides of the display panels. People returned iPads in droves, only to find out that the problem was so widespread that a new iPad often had the exact same issue.

According to Digitimes, this was primarily a problem with LG displays, which shipped fewer units in July (2.5 million) as Apple purchased more displays from Samsung Electronics and Chimei Innolux.

As of August, however, LG solved the error in manufacturing that led to the backlighting problems, and has resumed shipping approximately four million units per month.

Overall, Apple is expected to ship 12-15 million units in the third quarter of 2011, hopefully with far fewer backlighting issues. For anyone who has bought an iPad 2 recently, is it free from backlight bleed? Let us know in the comments.

[via Digitimes]

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  • Cgravning

    No backlight issues from me. I got mine in June.