When Times are Tight, Get MoneyWiz – iPad App Review

Its no secret that one step on the path to financial security is a well-groomed budget, but unless you’re a CPA you probably don’t find “bean counting” very exciting. Get ready for that big sigh of relief as you download MoneyWiz.

Whether you are making Benjamins or Washingtons, MoneyWiz is a professional grade budget-and-money tracker that will help you nail down income and expenses.

It may seem like a daunting task at first, but after setting up all of your accounts, credit cards, budgets, and schedules MoneyWiz will allow users to track and even trend monthly expenses such as loan payments or rent. Turning on push notifications gives that one extra reminder that may save your credit score.

Don’t be intimidated by the complex-seeming setup for the app though, because an in-app guide assists users in setting up their first time accounts and getting back on fiscal track. Setting up accounts is only a couple taps away, as are full scale budgets and payment schedule reminders.

MoneyWiz is even useful for small-business owners who need to keep track of more expenses than the average user. Categories allow for further specification of expenses and income, and can be configured to take or give certain amounts from/to each.

People often over-use the phrase “operating on a budget”, especially the people who probably aren’t actually using a budget to track their finances. The budgets created in MoneyWiz visually track how close you might be to going over on your iPad app budget for the month (yes, that is a category!).

Those of us who take their iPads everywhere and use them for just about everything can rejoice in knowing that we no longer have to update tedious spreadsheets or create  our own frustrating graphs using certain, green-themed computer programs. Instead, we can rest easy knowing that when it’s time to make our car payments the only reminder we need is probably already in our hands.

What I liked: Once set up properly, the reminders and reports are very useful for those users who obsess over every penny earned and spent (like poor college kids). Additionally, the walkthrough within the app was very helpful and laid out the setup process step-by-step.

What I didn’t like: Setup takes some concentration and time, but the outcome is worth both.  Expenses and income are only able to be scheduled by the month or day. Bi-monthly was nearly impossible to set up.

To buy or not to buy: Coming in at only $4.99 and with no subscription fees, a professionally made financial app like MoneyWiz is a great deal. If I hadn’t been given the opportunity to review the app, I would’ve bought it.

  • App Name: MoneyWiz
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
  • Category: Finance
  • Developer: SilverWiz, ltd.
  • Price: $4.99
  • Score:


About Colin: A recent college grad and iPad aficionado.