Fans Show Their Love of Steve Jobs Through Art

In Honor of one of the most famous CEOs in the United States, and possibly the world, PadGadget would like to present some of our favorite fan art from around the web.

Steve Jobs Plushie– We found this adorable mini-Jobs on the GeekyGadgets website.  According to the article, you can purchase him for $28 from PodBrix, but the link appears to be broken, which leads one to believe that Jobs’ likeness lawyers nixed that one right out of commission.


Steve Jobs Propaganda PosterDeviantArt member CalmandReady created this Shepard Fairey- inspired propaganda poster shortly after he purchased his first iPhone. Ah, the memories of our first time.




Steve Jobs PapercraftTechnabob is offering free downloads of this Steve Jobs papercraft, created by artist Joe Chiang. Papercrafting is a superb way to waste boring work hours and Jobs will lighten up any cubicle.




Steve Jobs Figurine– Of course, there is the infamous Jobs 4-inch action figure that everyone found out about but no one could buy because the likeness lawyers made sure to put out that fire real fast. TechDigest  had a link to the M.I.C. Store, where it was listed as “sold out”, but we all know what really happened to it.



Steve Jobs/Steve Wozniak Pixel BustApartmentTherapyUnplggd found a nice 3D printed desktop bust of the co-founders of Apple. Just don’t let them sit next to each other. They don’t get along all that well.




Steve Jobs Giclee– That’s right. You can hang a colorful rainbow print of Jobs’ smiling face above your bed so that he can watch over you while you sleep. EisnerArt is selling this bad boy on Etsy.




Steve Jobs Mozzarella Cheese HeadOddity Central found this amazing food sculpture. Created by a blogging chef at The Cook’s Den, this beauty was served at an iPad launch party to adoring Apple fans.




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