Leave Yourself A Sticky Note With Post-It PopNotes

The well-known sticky-paper note brand, Post-It has just released an official app that allows you to write notes to yourself, friends and others in your area.

Created more as a social media app, Post-It PopNotes lets you leave little forget-me-nots to anyone you like. You can even set a note to pop up at a specific time and location.

The first thing you are asked to do when you open the app is create an account. This may deter some people from using it at all, but I gave up my Internet privacy long, long ago, so I’m not concerned with why they are collecting email addresses. It is an official app for a major corporation.  For those who don’t want to open an account, you can view notes, but can’t create your own.

Creating your own sticky note is simple. Just start writing by either using your own handwriting with the pen feature, or type a message from your QWERTY keyboard. The next step is to post your Post-It. You can either keep it private so that you are the only one able to see it, send it to your friends (friends that also have the app) or publish it locally.

You can set your note to appear at specific times so you can send reminders to yourself, or send welcome home notes to friends. You can even send a flier for a specific business or event. The note sharing feature is what makes this app special.

There are a few minor issues that I found with this app. The location feature doesn’t seem to work very well. I tried to put a specific address into the search engine and nothing happened. I also wanted to post a note to a specific spot, and could not. Although I discovered that you can only post notes at your current location if you are trying to post to “everyone.”I tried to bookmark a location to “my locations” and was unable to do so. The app also crashed on me twice while using the location feature.

At this time, the app lacks much social interaction since there doesn’t seem to be many people using it. Many of my friends will decline to use the app since they would be required to sign up for an account. Once the ball gets rolling and more people sign up though, this app might become pretty exciting.

What I liked: There are nine different colored note pads to choose from. Sharing notes with friends and others near me, potentially, is a great idea.

What I didn’t like: The pen feature is a bit weak. It does not flow nicely and your handwriting looks like it was written during an earthquake. There are no options to change the pen at all. It is thick and black, period.

To buy or not to buy: It’s free, so you won’t feel ripped off. If you worry about companies collecting your personal information, you may not want this app since you can’t do much without giving them your email address.

  • App Name: Post-It® PopNotes
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: 3M Company
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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