Yale School of Medicine Gives iPad 2s to its Students

One of the main trends driven by Apple’s iPad has been associated with people starting to use the tablet more and more to read their favorite previously paper-made products. Earlier this year we mentioned how a survey study conducted by OnCampus Research, showed that college students from 19 campuses nationwide were showing their willingness to use e-books rather than traditional textbooks.

Prestigious, Yale University, has certainly taken note of that. The private Ivy League university has given iPads to all its medical students. As Yale’s Daily News describes it – “Yale School of Medicine students’ backpacks just got a whole lot lighter.”

The use of the iPad and other similar devices as an e-reader tool has grown faster than expected. Although Amazon’s Kindle still holds a very good position in the e-reader market, the iPad landed in the market as a strong competitor and has certainly infiltrated all kinds of market segments in the industry.

Even professional sports organizations like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced that rather than passing out their traditional paper playbooks, they will be giving iPads to all of their professional players.

Yale’s plan is very clear. The university has devised a plan to save paper and make course materials completely accessible via the iPad. Yale’s School of Medicine is giving all its med students an iPad 2. Students will be able to use Apple’s tablet in the classroom and clinical labs. The school is making students lives easier by giving them access to the medical curriculum, patient information and valuable materials.

Better yet, all med students get to keep Apple’s tablet after graduation. This will certainly train them on how to use tablet technology before they decide to venture on their own and open their very own private practice.

What really caught my attention around this story is how Yale plans to save large amounts of money every year. As described in the Yale Daily News, “The school spends about $100,000 each year to copy, collate and distribute course materials,”.  Yale spent about $600,000 on iPads this year, but the university plans to save lots of money in the coming years. Bottom line, the savings on printing expenses will certainly outweigh the cost of the iPad 2s.

In addition, Yale has recognized the security capabilities of the iPad. The iPad has infiltrated the medical segment. Apple’s tablet is slowly becoming a hot gadget amongst doctors and hospitals, mainly because of its portability, strong applications eco-system, and it is a device that is encrypted and can be remotely locked or erased completely.

Editor’s Note:  Well done Yale University! It is clear the institution is leveraging technology. If only the School of Law, and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies would follow the same steps. One of my best friends is currently attending Yale, and it’s the main reason why PadGadget has been keeping track of what Yale University is doing around technology.

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[via Yale Daily News]

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