Analysis of iPad Engagement Shows Users Prefer News

According to a recent analytics study by Localytics, iPad users spend two and a half times longer engaging in news apps than on apps in general.

Based on the analysis, the runner-up for engaging apps is music-related, followed by health and fitness. Based on this, we can assume that the majority of iPad users are probably intellectually stimulating, culturally aware and very fit.

Either that or we like to think of ourselves as smart, leave our iTunes running while we watch daytime TV and read about fitness, but are too busy to actually get out and jog. I’d like to think we are part of the former group.

Localytics gets their analysis subject information from data from apps subscribing to the firm’s analytics platform. From the firm’s website:

“Localytics analyzed the average session length – that is, the average time a user spends between opening an app and finishing and closing it – and compared it across categories. Compared with the overall average session length for iPad users, apps in the “news” category clocked in with sessions two and a half times longer, followed by music apps (228% of the average), health and fitness apps (210%), and reference apps (162%).”

Interestingly, Localytics discovered that game apps scored low on the engagement scale, clocking in at a mere 60% of the average. However, further analysis of the data showed that game apps came in first place for frequency of use. Seems that iPad users averaged 13 game sessions per month, while news apps followed with only 5 sessions per month.

Localytics’ theory about this information is that users spend more time per session on news or health and fitness apps because the apps are more likely to be deeper, more information-paced experiences. While iPad users tend to be casual gamers on their tablet, accessing games more frequently, but only engaging in them for very short periods of time.

I’d still like to think that iPad users are just smarter, more interesting, and in better shape than everyone else, but I have an obvious bias!

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