Save Money with NuGuard iPad 2 GripStand and GripBase Bundle

NewerTech, a developer of Mac, PC, and Mobile accessories, has just announced the NuGuard GripStand and NuGuard GripBase Bundle for the iPad 2, which is a multi-use solution allowing you to take and use your iPad 2 almost anywhere.

With this great bundle deal, you can walk with your iPad, carry it as a briefcase, use it as a computer, use it in the car, or mount it on the wall to display movies or presentations, all with just one simple set of accessories.

The GripStand 2/GripBase bundle is available in either black or white and includes the following features:

  • A protective hard plastic shell, which works well with the Apple Smart Cover and grips the iPad 2 firmly, enveloping it in shock-absorbent rubber for protection.
  • A removable GripStand that can be swiveled 360° and maneuvered into almost any angle for viewing or typing.
  • One-Hand Grip Handle to comfortably hold the iPad 2 like a briefcase while standing or walking. A simple twist removes it for portability.
  • Handle can be rotated and used as a hook to hang the iPad 2 on the wall in landscape or portrait mode.
  • The GripBase Workstation turns your iPad 2 into a skid-resistant desktop workstation that is almost impossible to knock over.
  •  A Car Nylon Strap will securely mount your iPad 2 to a car headrest for viewing of movies or Internet browsing in the car (in the backseat, of course).

With all of these components and features, the GripStand and GripBase accessory bundle will allow you to do virtually anything with your iPad, and easily take it everywhere that you go.

The NewerTech NuGuard GripStand 2 and GripBase Bundle for the iPad 2 is available immediately for $39.99 from NewerTech’s exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (OWC), as well as through the retail channel.

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