Travel Around The Globe In The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Have you ever wanted to see the sunset at the Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico or marveled at the beauty of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Latvia? Have you always wanted to stay in a lavish villa in India, but just didn’t have the time or money?

Well, now you can, sort of. Tour Wrist is a photography and travel app that lets you take virtual tours of places all around the world.

Using 360 panoramic technology and augmented reality, Tour Wrist takes you on a virtual tour of fancy hotels, beautiful beaches, historic lighthouses and much more. You will see 100 percent of the surrounding area from the photographer’s point of view, including above and below.

As you hold your device in front of you, using the iPad’s gyroscope, you will feel like you are looking through a window into another place. If you don’t have an iPad 2 yet, you can still go on the virtual tour using the touch/swipe feature instead of the gyroscope feature.

Tour Wrist is actually an online mobile marketing platform dedicated to helping people sell property, but is so amazing that you would never think of it as a selling tool. Users can register for free and upload photos of homes, business, vacation spots or any real estate they would like to sell. But the account is not restricted to just real estate. There are tours of ruins, museums, churches, and many exotic locations. You can visit a local café, dine at a four star restaurant or look off the balcony of a penthouse hotel suite.

You can find out information about the tour you are on by selecting the “info” feature. You can share photos of any of the tours on Facebook and Twitter using the “Share” feature. You can even book a trip, right from within the app by selecting the links feature.

This app truly is free. There is no in-app upgrade, no subscription fees, and no extra features that can only be accessed by paying for it. Although the website offers a service to host tours on Tour Wrist, you don’t have to have an account to enjoy the scenery. If you want to upload your own tour, you can even opt for the free, “Amatour” account.

What I liked: Most of the photographs are absolutely stunning. You really feel like you are right there when using the augmented reality. That being said, I also like the fact that you don’t have to use augmented reality. It can be a little embarrassing waving your iPad around the waiting room of a Dr.’s office.

What I didn’t like: Nothing.

To buy or not to buy: Absolutely. It is worth the download to be able to spend hours, imagining you are on a tropical island, sipping a Mai Tai from a coconut.

  • App Name: Tour Wrist
  • Version Reviewed: 2.2.3
  • Category: Travel
  • Developer: Sparks Labs LLC
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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