PC Tablet Shipments Overestimated, Let The Price Wars Begin

Non-Apple tablet sales have come in far lower than expected, causing makers to scramble to clear inventory and reduce excessive losses by way of price cuts. According to unnamed sources for DigiTimes, this coming September will see a tablet price war as companies try to out-clearance each other.

RIM, High Tech Computers, Samsung, Acer and Motorola have all seen lower-than-predicted sales of tablet shipments and some have already begun lowering future orders. HP, Asusket and others have already begun slashing prices on their units with the lowest tablet at only $370.

DigiTimes’ source predicts that there will be two rounds of price cuts with the first taking place in September. The second round will likely take place closer to the holiday season, bringing the average price of a PC tablet to around $300.

Since the iPad holds a large majority of the tablet shipping market, companies will find it even harder to fill the gap in 2012, as Apple gears up to try to leave its competition in the dust.

[via DigiTimes]

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  • Anonymous

    hmm isnt this the same excuse you fanboys always give why android has the majority of marketshare for phones now? yet you think the same thing won’t happen to tablets :) As a consumer I like price wars and deals. it’s better than paying a premium just to get locked into paying even more for apps and music, etc and not even having a choice. Oh but I guess you get an apple sticker to put on your car to tell everyone you like to pay more for things and have no choices, so thats nice…

    • Priscilla234

      I still don’t get why Apple haters waste their freaking time on Apple blogs (another troll…)

  • Anonymous

    Economies of scale being what they are, cutting production-runs will make lower prices impossible to maintain in the next generation – if there is one. Virtually giving away these faulty devices will only make people want the iPad even more. It might be better for these companies to simply take the little horrors back and scrap them.