Apple Patent Reveals Process to Make Future Apple Devices Resistant to Grease and Fingerprints

Patently Apple recently discovered a slew of new Apple patents, exploring concepts like a clip-on antenna, solar energy, and most interestingly, a new oil-resistant coating for iOS device screens.

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate having fingerprints on my touchscreen. So much so that I use a protective cover, and even clean that frequently. I like my screen crystal clear, and so does Apple, evidenced by the new oleophobic coating that it may be working on.

The oleophobic coating in the patent uses a direct liquid application in a Physical Vapor Deposition to apply the coating to the screen. According to Apple, as a user touches the screen of a device, oils and other particles can be deposited on the surface, causing fingerprints and smudges that obscure the screen.

To prevent skin oils on an iOS device surface, an oleophobic ingredient could be bonded to the device surface. The ingredient may be part of a raw liquid material in one or more concentrations, and to avoid adverse reactions because of air exposure, humidity, or heat, the raw liquid could potentially be placed in a bottle purged with inert gas during manufacturing.

The bottle will work with a vaporizing unit to vaporize the liquid to deposit the oleophobic ingredient on the electronic device. According to Patently Apple, this patent could refer to a new coating to be placed on a future device, rather than an existing process.

Apple devices currently use oleophobic coatings applied in a different, heat-based way that may reduce the effectiveness of the coating. This new coating, which works without heat, could potentially make future Apple devices much more oil resistant and nearly fingerprint proof.

[via Patently Apple]

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  • BeOSJim

    I guess they ~really~ don’t want you to use a screen protector…

  • SignIt

    I gotta give it to Apple on this one.
    They’re still gayer than a fruit basket though.