Consumers Trust Visa Over Apple For Mobile Payments

According to a recent survey conducted by Ogilvy & Mather, the public trust lies more with major credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard and American Express over tech brands like Apple, Google and Ebay.

The survey, according to Adage Digital, was conducted by asking 500 U.S. online shoppers questions about whom they trust with mobile payments. Adage Digital states:

Allowed to pick any number of brands on a set list, survey respondents selected Facebook as the least-trusted brand, with only 12% expressing trust. The group was also more likely to trust the United States Postal Service with mobile payments than Apple, Microsoft or Google.

While nearly 40 % of online shoppers preferred Visa, followed closely behind by Mastercard and American Express, Ebay’s Paypal payment service was trusted by 34 %, only six percent behind the top brand. Apple settled into the middle spot, just behind the United States Postal Service at 23%.

Although the average consumer may still be leery of such tech brands as Square or Google Wallet, those mobile payment services are backed by Mastercard and Visa and Facebook and Foursquare are both partnered with American Express.

Adage Digital suggests that for smaller tech brands to gain trust in the online shopping market, they should work toward partnerships with the big three and make it known to the public that they have the connections.

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