Use Bigstream to Broadcast Video to any TV From iPad and iPhone

BigstreamWhen Bigstream previewed at CES earlier this year, a lot of people were wondering just how well it would work. Designed to allow video streaming directly from your iPhone or iPad to any television, this device is attempting to give Apple TV a run for its money.

The direct comparison to Apple TV seems very much ‘6 of one, half dozen of the other’ in the sense that both have advantages and disadvantages. The Apple TV may require you to purchase an HDMI cable and only works over your wireless network necessitating an available router, but Bigstream requires an adapter to be plugged into your iOS device and will only connect with component video instead of true HDMI.

Where Bigstream excels is the ability to stream games and other apps, while the latency of Apple TV prevents that possibility. This real time streaming makes Bigstream ideal for use in presentations. Add to this the ability to stream content over 3G and it may suit your needs quite nicely. If it works. Oh, and if you don’t need to use if for more than 2.2 consecutive hours, because that’s the length of time you can expect from a fully charged transmitter.

An initial review by Mike Schramm at tuaw shows the device may not be quite ready for market. While setup appeared to go smoothly for him, there were considerable difficulties in finding compatible apps –even when using those identified by Bigstream directly.

Should you run out and grab Bigstream? If you want something beyond the media streaming, Netflix and YouTube features offered by the Apple TV (natively and in a higher resolution), this may be worth a buy. My instinct says this is just the beginning and we should wait and look forward to the next generation of these types of devices.

Bigstream can be purchased directly from the product website for $99, which is conveniently the same cost as the Apple TV.

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