Boxee’s New iPad App, Watch Any Video and Enjoy Social Discovery

BoxeeWe knew it was coming, but it has finally arrived! Boxee has launched their new iPad app, allowing you to stream all kinds of video from your computer to your tablet. Manufactured by D-Link, experts in networking and connectivity ranging from home user to enterprise solutions, this isn’t a device without some potential esteem.

Install a small media manager application on your desktop and you are ready to share virtually any video file format.

If you’d like to stream your media content to your television as well, you can do so quite easily with an application installed on any computer connected to your television or through a Boxee Box that can be purchased for $199 USD. While this price may seem steep, consider what you could spend on an Apple TV and HDMI cable and the price becomes a little more comparable. Once you’re hooked up, use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control –or if you purchased their hardware, enjoy the double-sided remote control that features a QWERTY keyboard on the back!

If it sounds like I’m excited about trying this one, I am. Use it to stream your favorite television shows direct from the Internet. Import your personal media libraries. Access all of those YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, and Tumblr videos that your friends have been not-so-gently encouraging you to watch (and do it on your own time, saving them for when you have a spare moment… then return the favor and share them right back to everybody). Not sure what you want to watch? There are hundreds of apps built in (and more to come) that allow you to browse content from places like VUDU, Pandora, MLB, NHL, CNN, CollegeHumor and Vimeo. And before you ask, yes it does Netflix too!

Oh, and did I mention the Boxee Box has full 1080p HDMI video and allows for optical digital audio? If Boxee works even half as well as advertised, it’s well worth the investment.

I love my Apple TV, but Boxee is more diverse and doesn’t force me to constantly convert my files into something iTunes is happy with… looks like I know my next electronic gadget purchase.

The Boxee app is available for free from the App Store.

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