Apple Hiring iWork Developer for iCloud Expansion

Are you an experienced software engineer? If so, you may have a future in Santa Clara Valley. Apple recently created a job posting calling for a software engineer to join the iWork team. The prospective applicant would work with the iWork team on the “front and/or back end of scalable web applications,” according to the job posting first discovered by Apple Insider.

This new job posting was listed just a day after Apple first revealed its beta service, which will allow access to Calendar, Mail, and Contacts via a web app.

These features were originally a part of Apple’s MobileMe Service, which has been retired. Additionally, does have a section for iWork apps, though they are not currently implemented.

Currently is home to documents from iWork applications, but this is a feature that may soon be a part of the iCloud. The current iWork web only allows users to view documents. It allows sharing, but not editing.

The job posting is for the iWork team, but it’s unclear whether this applies to the existing iWork domain and web service, or if it applies to the iCloud component of iWork. Given that the posting came right after the announcement of, it’s likely that the engineering job will apply to work on iCloud.

It’s possible that Apple plans to expand iWork beyond its current view only existence, as the posting asks for experience in “developing web application frameworks, building and maintaining large-scale distributed systems and building web application user interfaces.” Apple may be aiming for something like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

Combining an online document editor with iCloud could persuade many loyal iDevice and iWork customers to use Apple’s service over Google Docs. You can check out the official job posting here.

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