Jot: Capacitive Touch Stylus by Adonit – An Approved Kickstarter Project

At PadGadget we never cease to be impressed by the excitement that a good Kickstarter project generates. Consider the Jot: Capacitive Stylus by Adonit, which is currently funded at over 1550 percent! The project began with a modest $2500 goal, but has already raised more than $38,000, and backers still have a couple of weeks left before the project ends.

What is it about the Jot that captured the imagination and pocketbooks of the Kickstarter community? At first blush, Jot offers something most other styli lack: a disc that surrounds the tip. Adonit, Jot’s creator, believe this disc will improve Jot’s accuracy as compared to the average stylus.

Constructed of sturdy aluminum, the Jot features a ball point that writes at a variety of angles as well as a cap that covers the Jot’s tip, disc and all, when it’s not in use.

Backers may choose from two versions this new stylus. The Jot, which comes in a range of colors, or the Jot Pro, which offers a rubberized grip and will magnetically adhere to the iPad’s surface when not in use.

There is still time to back the Jot Stylus on Kickstarter. The project will be funded on Saturday August 13, 2011. Pledge $15 to receive one standard Jot stylus or $25 to receive either one Jot Pro or two standard Jot styli. Shipping is free to the US or Canada.

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