Amazon’s Upcoming Tablet Not an iPad Killer

If you’re counting on Amazon’s new tablet to swoop into action and vanquish the iPad with its low price and amazing set of features, then you may just be disappointed when you read this news.

Amazon’s upcoming Android tablet is possibly aiming for competing with the Nook Color, rather than the iPad. According to industry insiders, the tablet is an “advanced e-reader,” similar to the Nook. Like the Nook, it will have a colored seven inch screen and some apps.

Currently, there is no Kindle that can compete with the Nook Color, and thus, that’s where Amazon is most vulnerable, when it comes to e-readers. According to Cnet, the tablet from Amazon is likely to have less processing power than the iPad and no camera.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be an iPad competitive tablet from Amazon in the future, it’s just not going to be this year. Instead, Amazon is intent on keeping a firm hold on the e-reader market before venturing into new territory.



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