Get an Aerial View of Twitter with Bird’s Eye for iPad

There are a plethora of Twitter apps available in the App Store, that display your tweets in every way you can imagine. However, given the nature of Twitter, they all end up being fairly similar, so it’s always noteworthy when a new app comes along with an innovative, fun feature.

Bird’s Eye, from ELC Ventures, is one such app. With Bird’s Eye you get an aerial map that shows you all of the tweets that are being sent around you, rather than the typical menus and displays.

If you’ve ever wondered what the guy next to you at the movies is tweeting about, this app is for you. Define any location, even one that you’re not at, and you can see exactly what people are tweeting about in real time. Curious about what’s going on in Tokyo at midnight or Paris at noon? Set the location in the app and find out in seconds.

While some other Twitter apps have a feature that allows you view tweets that are near your location, this is the first app that allows you to choose your own area to monitor.

To use it, just sign into Twitter and touch a locale. The tweets will start streaming in, one after another. To monitor another place, simply navigate somewhere else on the map and add it to your location bar (make sure you’re in landscape mode for this feature).

Bird’s Eye doesn’t have typical Twitter functionality like sending and receiving specific Tweets, so you will need to use it in conjunction with another Twitter app, but it sure is interesting to use it to see the world around you in a new way.

Bird’s Eye is a neat tool to monitor tweets that are going on around you, but it will be even more fun to use to check out events you’re not attending from the comfort of your couch, such as concerts and sports events, or to find out what’s going on during a news event or a natural disaster.

This is an exciting new app you won’t want to miss. And the best part? It’s free! Head on over to the App Store to download it today and find out what the world is tweeting about.

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