Versetta Releases New Line of Fashionable iPad Bags

Are you looking for an ultra fashionable bag to carry your iPad? Well, you’re in luck, because Versetta is debuting a new line of bags for iPad lovers, and they’re all about style.

Versetta handbags and cases, by Scott Creations, have an inner frame with a protective flap at the side of the bag, to securely hold an iPad (both versions) in place. When the flap is opened up, the iPad, ports, and controls can be used without removing it from inside the bag.

There are currently two different Versetta collections, the Prima and the Affari, with a third collection (Vacanza) set for release in September.

The Prima collection is a line of handbags for women, with 5 different styles ranging from slouchy and hip to sleek and business-like. Each bag is available in three different super hot colors like turquoise, coral, yellow, pink, and aegean blue. All of the bags come in a soft and supple fake leather, and feature space for your iPad as well as plenty of pockets and room for the rest of your current handbag contents.

The Affari collection features iPad bags with a more classic, but still stylish design. These are perfect for professionals, who need a more demure look, or anyone who wants an iPad bag that’s well-made, classy, and polished. The Affari collection is also constructed from a high quality faux leather, and comes in black, tan brown, and cordovan brown. These bags have the same frame and flap for your iPad, as well as plenty of extra storage for documents, cords, and any other sundries you may carry.

These stylish new iPad bags are intuitively designed to allow you to access your iPad in a simple and smart way. With just a lift of the flap, you can use your iPad standing in line, on the train, in the car, or everywhere else, and taking it out is just as easy. These bags are great if you’re looking for something that’s fashionable and functional.

The bags in the Prima collection are currently available for purchase at $189, while the bags in the Affari collection retail for $189 to $229. Check out the Versetta website for more information and to take a look at all the available colors and styles.

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