Man Uses iPad to Find iPhone Dropped from 13,500 Feet

In a recent CNN iReport, Jarrod McKinney detailed gleefully tumbling and flying through the air with his wife on a tandem skydive in Winsted Minnesota on July 8th. To document the trip, Jarrod brought along his iPhone, which was stuffed into a pocket with a velcro closure.

He didn’t notice anything amiss as he floated safely to the landing area, but on the ground, he reached for his phone and found his pocket empty. Jarrod didn’t know when he had dropped the phone, meaning that it could have fallen thousands of feet, or just a few. Luckily, he had the “Find my iPhone” app installed on his iPad, which he fired up. Incredibly, it found his iPhone, which had fallen 13,500 feet on top of a steel factory roof 1/4 mile away. Most astonishingly, his presumably shattered iPhone was still sending out a clear signal.

At the factory, they helped him onto the roof and using the location features of the app, he was directed right to his broken iPhone, which was still working, despite a ruined screen. Amazingly enough, the iPhone was still able to sync to his truck and make phone calls.

That’s some impressive durability. Extreme sports fanatics and danger aficionados everywhere should consider investing in an iPhone. And kudos to a fantastic use of the “Find my iPhone” app, which was remarkably accurate to allow McKinney to track his phone down to a rooftop. I haven’t had occasion to use the tracking features on my own iPhone yet. Hopefully, I’ll never need to, but at least I know how well the tracking works, thanks to this great story from skydiver Jarrod McKinney.

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