Be an Underwater Hero in GlowFish HD – iPad Game Review

Glowfish HDThe evil Dr. Urchin has been kidnapping sea creatures in an effort to force them to be his friends. It is the job of Glowfish to navigate the sea and liberate all of his hostages.

The interface is a little different than most other games I have played. Placing your thumb anywhere on the iPad display will activate the joystick and allow you to move GlowFish around the screen. Defensive moves are also only a click away with their icons ever-present on the screen as you swim.

Let’s be honest, the appeal of this game is in the graphics. GlowFish is as adorable as they come. Making him swim efficiently does take some getting used to though. I did find myself doing a lot of zig zagging to my destination instead of heading directly there by no choice of my own… but what’s the rush anyway?

GlowFish HD features 50 levels of game-play to keep you busy. Each level features coins to collect that let you unlock each of 8 super chums who become friends that help you on your journey.

Defeating the bad guys is fairly easy, some requiring you to enlist your found-friends to help by circling you to create a force-field that you can use against your enemies. If you lose the battle and end up dying, the game restarts from various save-points so you don’t need to begin from scratch.

Glowfish HD Screenshot

What I liked: The on-screen hints guide you through accomplishing your achievements and also serve as encouragement to stay engaged and continue on for those few moments longer.

What I didn’t like: Even though it isn’t necessary, I found myself sliding my thumb off the on-screen joystick control in an effort to change the speed the GlowFish swims.

To buy or not to buy: I enjoyed this game because it is different from any others I have played. The graphics are fun and there is enough variety in the game play to keep you well entertained. The price may seem a little steep to most, but I wouldn’t let that stop you.

  • App Name: GlowFish HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: MumboJumbo
  • Price: $6.99
  • Score:

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