App Downloads Surpass Song Downloads On iTunes

Attributed to Asymco and Horace Dediu

At the WWDC’s June Keynote address, it was announced that iTunes had 15 billion song downloads and 14 billion app downloads. Horace Dediu of the marketing analysis website, Asymco, has reported that, last week, the iTunes store hit 15 billion app downloads. At this rate, apps are sure to replace songs as the main traffic for iTunes.

Only seven months after the App Store’s launch, it was evident that apps were going to be the big seller.

Dediud’s Total Media Download (by months)chart shows that apps began their quick assent in January of 2009 and did not slow down again. After three years, songs downloads hit three million, while in the same amount of time, apps have managed to surpass that by five times.

There was also a significant spike in app downloads in the second half of 2010, which is likely attributed to the release of the iPad. Another influx of app downloads appears to have occurred around the same time in 2011, which presumably would be attributed to the release of the iPad 2.

Song downloads are far from becoming extinct in the iTunes store. According to Dediu’s analysis, within the past six months, there has been an unexpected increase in song downloads from an average of 8 million per month to 12 million per month. While there is no information to link this influx to any specific event, it is possible that the digital releases of albums by such superstars as Lady GaGa and Katy Perry have helped increase awareness of the one-touch buying power of iTunes.

[Image attributed to Asymco and Horace Dediu]

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