Save the Smoodies in Smoody HD – iPad Game Review

Smoody HD is an addictive physics puzzle game that’s been very popular in the App Store, selling over a million copies in the first week that it was released. There’s been a major update with a whole new underwater chapter, so now there are even more amazing levels to beat.

In Smoody HD, your goal is to navigate a series of richly colored environments and obstacles to help get the Smoodies to the black hole. All of the poor Smoodies are scattered across the universe, searching for each other to begin new lives together. Will you help reunite them?

The gameplay in Smoody HD is intuitive and easy to grasp. Most of the game mechanics consist of cutting planks of wood at the right angles to send your Smoody on through the level to the black hole. Cutting the wood is as simple as sliding your finger across the plank until you get the right angle, and then releasing.

You get a certain number of knife cuts to make it to the black hole, and the level is completed and scored based on how many of them you use. You can earn up to three stars per level, and the stars are used to unlock different areas in the game.

Of course, there are also other elements to contend with, because just chopping up boards would cause boredom pretty quickly. Ha. There are several different types of rocks: flat light rocks will move and tilt when your Smoody (or another object) hits them, flat dark rocks are solid and immovable, and round rocks roll around. There are also items on ropes that must be cut, and magnets that will lift you up and help you navigate through the level.

The strategic part of the game is executing all of the various maneuvers at the right times and in the right ways to avoid and overcome the obstacles. For example, in one level, there are two rocks on ropes, and you must cut the ropes at just the right moment to propel your Smoody forward. Some of the levels are exceedingly easy, while others are much more difficult.

If you make an incorrect move, restarting the level is quick – just tap the restart button located on the top right of the screen. If you’re completely stuck on a level, the game gives you the option to skip it by selecting the pause button and choosing “skip level.” You can skip as many levels as you want, but keep in mind that you need a certain number of stars to access the next chapter.

The graphics are simple, but cute and colorful. Your Smoody will get impatient and angry if you take too long to get him moving, so make sure not to hesitate. The sound effects are fun, and the music is light and airy enough not to get irritating.

Smoody HD is a game that’s suitable for all ages, thanks to the variation in level difficulty and the ability to skip around in the game. Everyone, from young children to grandparents, will enjoy helping the Smoodies.

If you’re the competitive type, Smoody HD offers Open Feint achivements and Game Center leaderboards, so you can compete with your friends to save the most Smoodies.  There are a total of 5 chapters with 100 levels, including the new underwater area. If you get bored with your Smoodies, there are some in-app purchases to unlock new ones, like princess, rockstar, and jamaican. You can also unlock all of the levels and get extra knife cuts with in-app purchases, which might be a good idea for younger players.

What I liked: The gameplay is well done, to be hard, but not too hard. Smoody HD is definitely a game that appeals to a wide audience. I also really liked the concept and the characters, plus Smoody is just a fun word to say.

What I didn’t like: This game shares a lot of similarities with other App Store games, like Cut the Rope. At times, I got a strong sense of deja vu and wondered if Smoody was a game that I’d already played before. However, it does have a lot of unique elements as well, and I’d still highly recommend it. Also, there is no screen rotation, and I seem to prefer playing games upside down from how developers intend them to be played, so no rotation is always an irritation.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a new game that the whole family can enjoy, Smoody HD is definitely a good choice.

  • App Name: Smoody HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.2
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Federico Kalayjian
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:


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