Maxell Releases New Wireless Drive for iPad

Recently we’ve been seeing a flood of mobile storage solutions for iPhone and iPad users, such as the Seagate GoFlex Satellite and the Kingston Wi-Drive, to address storage concerns as our iPads and iPhones fill up with videos, apps, and games.

Today, Maxell has unveiled a new mobile storage device, the AirStash, which is a USB SD card reader that allows users to connect an SD card to a computer to use it as an external drive. SD card readers are nothing new, but Maxell’s taken it up a notch by adding a Wireless-N access point, a media server, and a battery.

When the AirStash is unplugged from a computer, it functions as a wireless storage expander, similar to the Seagate and Kingston options, with a few improvements. The AirStash can allow more users to connect than the GoFlex Satellite or the Wi-Drive – up to 8 users can use the AirStash at one time.

The AirStash offers unprecedented flexibility, as any SD card can be used in the device. Immediately stream video from your camera, camcorder, or anything else that uses an SD card. However, storage will be limited to the capacity of currently available SD cards, which range from 2 GB at the lower end to 128 GB at the much more expensive higher end.

According to Maxell, the AirStash offers up to 5 hours of battery life, and will work with all popular platforms, including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. On the iPhone and the iPad, Maxell includes a free AirStash+ app for media sharing and streaming. Two-way wireless document transfer capability is an added feature, and the AirStash is perfect for iOS users who need to view, save, and share documents and media wherever they are.

AirStash offers a slim profile and small size, which makes it easy to take along anywhere. It uses a standard USB connection for recharging, so there are no unnecessary and encumbering cables or cords.

The AirStash app for iOS will allow for the import of all kinds of media, including photographs. It’s capable of importing batch photographs up to 35 megapixels each, with immediate browsing available without waiting to import them.

The AirStash will be available for purchase in September, with a suggested retail price of $150, which includes an 8 GB SD card.

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