Bungie’s Marathon a Must-Have for Retro Gaming Fans

One of the most beloved first person shooter games ever to be played on a Macintosh has made its way to the app store as a free download. Fans of this well-known game will spin in their computer chairs at this mobile replication.

Marathon for iPad is a port of the classic first person shooter that made its way into the hearts of gamers in the mid nineties. It has survived over the past decade and-a-half mainly on the love of its users. Bungie has offered up source codes for free for various version of the game and fans have taken to adding the game as they see fit.

The iPad version has the exact same graphics, with an option to buy the HD version for $3.99. By paying for HD, you are merely getting a richer background. The heavily pixilated baddies are still awkward looking blobs that chitter at you from around the corner. You can also pay $0.99 for Master Chief mode, which basically lets you cheat your butt off through the entire game. You will get full weapons with infinite ammo, invincibility, instant shields, save anywhere and start on any level. One dollar is not a whole lot to pay to basically be a god among aliens.


For those that have never played the game, there is a picture-only tutorial that seems fairly daunting, but I suggest you play around for a bit so that the visual aids will make more sense to you. Also, if you are new to this game, be aware that the graphics, even in HD quality are minimal at best. It’s better than Pong, but you’re not going to be wowed by high res monsters and realistic backgrounds. Nostalgia is the point of this game.

There is no versus mode at this time, so fans of player vs. player will have to settle for regular adventuring. Also, the controls are a bit over zealous. They take a lot of getting used to, but that is my only complaint with the overall game.

Oh, and one more thing. The developers are offering source code for this version of the game as well. You can find out more about requesting it at www.marathin4ios.com.


What I liked: The nostalgia factor of this game is through the roof. The fact that this game is free makes it even more unbelievably awesome.

What I didn’t like: The controls are very sensitive. The swipe-look feature is hard to get used to. It would not have been a bad idea to make a second joystick instead. I know that swipe-look is more reminiscent of the original game’s mouse-look feature, but they could have made the second joystick look like a mouse, couldn’t they?

To buy or not to buy: Not only is this free game a must-have for old school fans of this and other early first person shooters, but you should also pay the $0.99 for Master Chief mode and treat yourself to a really good time.

  • App Name: Marathon
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Soli Deo Gloria Productions
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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