Rat Stands Releases Versatile New iPad Stand

The manufacturer of high-quality professional music stands, Rat Stands, has just announced the  release of their newest creation, The Z3. What makes this new music stand so special is that it is an iPad stand. Created specifically for the iPad to hold the tablet at standing level heights, the Z3 is a versatile and lightweight mechanism for holding your tablet so that you don’t have to.

Although created as a music stand for the iPad, the Z3 is the perfect stand for everyone. It has a telescoping stem that allows it to be adjusted to any height from 16 to 54 inches. In addition to the height adjustment, the custom-fit cradle that holds the iPad is jointed to allow for any possible angle, including parallel with the floor, and can be rotated for portrait and landscape mode. It can be folded flat in three simple steps for portability. The cradle is specifically designed to fit the iPad’s measurements exactly, but owners of the iPad 2 can use it, too because the stand comes with four rubber pads and a set of instructions to help the iPad 2 fit tightly into the holder.

Unlike other music-related iPad displays, the Z3 is a stand-alone allowing it to be used for anything you like. You don’t have to be an orchestral member to enjoy the benefits of this stand. You can use this in the kitchen to hold your iPad while creating a delicious meal, or set it up by the bed so that you can watch movies from iTunes. You can even adjust the stand to hang over your baby’s crib, safely out of reach, so that they can be soothed to sleep by a lullaby app.

Rat Stands has concepts in the works for a music stand that will fit other tablet devices as well, but has not determined if they will offer individual stands for various models or a universal stand to fit all kinds.

The Z3 is on sale now for £120 in the UK and Eurpope through the Rat Stands Website. The stand is not yet available for sale in the United States.

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