JVC to Release Dual iPad and iPhone Speaker Dock

If you happen to own both iPad and iPhone, JVC is about to release a new speaker dock just for you. Called the UX-VJ5, this new speaker will allow you to dock and charge both iOS devices simultaneously, and listen to the audio coming from one of the two.

The dock features 15W speakers, a radio tuner, as well as an embedded CD player and a USB port that will allow you to rip CDs and save them to a USB key, without the need of an external computer.

The UX-VJ5 will come in several color choices, and is expected to be released in Japan within the next 2 weeks (U.S. availability is unclear at this stage). The device will cost about $375.

[via Akihabara News]

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  • Anonymous

    ooh, nice idea but bad feature overkill. you don’t need the radio and CD (haven’t they heard of Pandora, web radio, and AirPlay? don’t they know what iOS can do?). and you don’t want to pay $375. get rid of the bloat and i’ll pay $200 if the speakers are decent.