Bing For iPad Reinvents Multitouch Gestures

Microsoft just released an update to their popular search engine app, Bing for iPad. In this new release, developers have created a new way to search for words or phrases using a touch gesture called Lasso.

No more selecting words, copying, pasting, selecting the search box, pasting and entering (Apparently there are nine steps to copying and pasting a word into a search engine, but I could only come up with these six). Just two simple steps will get you to the search you are looking for.

On its blog site, the Bing developer team discusses the idea behind Lasso. From doing some research, the team realized that most searches come from articles that people are reading. You might be reading the latest news about the iTunes Festival in London and an article might mention something about the festival’s venue, The Roadhouse. You want to know more about The Roadhouse, so you copy and paste the name into your search engine. This can be tedious on the iPad, you have to aim it just right in order to select the word you want, and if you want more than one word, you have to stretch out that little highlighted text bobble. Lasso takes the effort out by letting you just touch the lasso icon and move your finger across the word or words that you want to search. You don’t even have to put it in the search box. It will automatically search once you have selected the text.

‘Lasso’ in action (note: this video will not play on an iOS device)

In addition to the technologically advanced new Lasso feature, Bing has made improvements to the movie search. You can now view multiple show time days and theaters. There are also improvements to the history search, the homepage and much more.

Bing skyrocketed in popularity by being the first search engine to truly utilize the iPad’s features. Instead of a web browser style scroll down and select app, Bing utilizes page swipes and offers a visually rich selection of categories to choose from. You can download it for free in the app store including the new Lasso feature today.

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