Amazon Tablet Woes, Not Enough Suppliers For Parts

The newest rumors surrounding Amazon’s upcoming touch-based tablet release are in. In early May, PadGadget reported on the fact that Amazon had ordered 800,000 touch screen tablets from Taiwan-based Quanta. In mid-May, PadGadget reported that not one, but two touch screen tablets were rumored to be released by Amazon. Today, we are reporting on the rumor that touch screen suppliers have trepidations about their ability to fill Amazon’s huge order of approximately 1.5-2 million units by September of this year.

According to DigiTimes, TPK, a major supplier of touch panels, has concerns regarding capacity when it comes to its ability to fulfill Amazon’s wish list. Additionally, Wintek, a current supplier of modules for Apple, Inc. has also noted that, due to a tight production schedule for the latter part of the year, they are unable to confirm that they could accommodate Amazon’s order.

With what has been described as the first potentially viable competitor for the iPad mere months away from hitting the market, Amazon is surely petitioning other companies, ones that are not currently set up for glass touch panels, to make the necessary adjustments to their production line in an effort to fill the orders before time runs out. The momentum of the upcoming touch tablet’s release is exactly what Amazon can capitalize on to build the hype needed to compete with the iPad, but being forced to postpone its release may serve to take the buzz out of the air and leave Amazon’s new tablet nothing more than another notch in Apple’s belt.

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