Google Moves One Step Closer To Helping Eliminate Flash-Only Sites

Cult of Mac has just uncovered a new tool that Google Labs has released that will convert simple Flash animation and games into HTML5 compliant code. This is a potentially huge step in pushing Adobe Flash out the door and allowing more websites and games to work on iOS devices.

In technical terms, CNET describes the conversion as splitting a flash file into a JSON file, then rendering it with HTML, Scalable Vector Graphics, and Cascading Style Sheets. To put it in layman’s terms, it makes Flash files viewable on your iPad by turning them into something other than Flash. Currently, Swiffy only works with Webkit browsers, like Mobile Safari and Chrome.

Those wishing to convert their Flash files to HTML5 files can do so by visiting and choose a file from the site’s uploading page. You must be viewing the site from a Webkit browser in order to properly see a preview of your conversion.

According to Google Labs, Adobe is pleased with Swiffy’s release, “Google and Adobe look forward to close collaboration around efforts like these.” It is nice to see that Adobe is working with HTML5 instead of against it.


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    Flash is dead(er)