School 26 HD Will Teach Your Pre-Teen Daughter How To Survive High School

Everyone faces the day when they have to start high school. For some, it is an easy transition, for others a nightmare. School 26, dedicated to preteen and teenaged girls, tells the story of a girl forced to move to new schools all the time, and her experience making new friends. Each interaction gives lessons on social interaction and gains points to help you win friends and win the game.

You are first asked to enter a name for your character. You could just leave the original name of the character, Kate, but you can personalize it by adding your own name instead. Once you have chosen a name, the story begins. You first meet your new English teacher, Mr. Aziz, who tells you his rules, but also builds a relationship with you by talking to you about life. If you react the right way by touching emotion icons that coincide with his sentiment, you gain insight into his personality, or strengthen your connection to him.

As you meet new characters, it is your job to pay attention to their social cues and react accordingly. If you are compatible with someone, they will rise on your list of friends. If you are not compatible with someone, they will fall to the bottom of the list. You will also have to use your sensory powers to influence friends to trust you or be impressed with you. In this mini game, you must pick high or low cards, depending on the instructions and try to influence their emotions to benefit you.

You will be able to see into the future to find out what your friends will say in your next conversation and then investigate the situation to find out more. After speaking to a few friends, you will unlock quizzes and receive text messages from friends.

This game acts like part chose-your-own storybook and part teen T.V. sitcom. It is entertaining, has a great sound track and has a lighthearted plot. Having been a preteen myself, I can relate to the personalities in this story. I see this as being an addictive game for preteen and teenaged girls.

What I liked: The use of music and ambient noise in this game adds layers and helps immerse you in the story.

What I didn’t like: I may be overanalyzing the intent of the plot, but it seems wrong to teach your teen daughter how to get along socially by acting the way you think someone wants you to act. I haven’t made it all the way through the story though, it may turn out to be the most important lesson.

To buy or not to buy: Silicon Sisters has put this app on sale to celebrate an upcoming release of the next installment of the story, so you can get School 26 HD on sale for only $1.99 right now, a great price for this original idea.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the July release of School 26: Summer of Secrets

  • App Name: School 26
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Silicon Sisters
  • Price: $1.99
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